Hit the Road in a Newly-Serviced Vehicle Just in Time for Spring

As April showers continue to roll in, it won't be too long before we see those promised May flowers. As the last bits of winter disappear and temperatures continue to rise, Tennessee drivers will enjoy the shift into spring, and what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with automotive maintenance? After enduring brutal winds and snowfall for the last several months, your car will require a springtime inspection to help transition it from cold to warm weather.

At Global Motorsports, we have an expert service center located at 305 5th Avenue N. in Franklin, TN where customers can bring in a luxury vehicle to receive a variety of services to sustain its performance and appearance. Every time you bring your Porsche to our Franklin service center, one of our factory-trained technicians will run through a 27-point inspection on top of whatever service you request for your luxury vehicle. This extra step will be great when you come in to complete your spring service.

Speaking of spring maintenance, there are a few areas we suggest having explored before hitting Nashville roads with your windows rolled down. With all the services we have - from an oil change to transmission flush - you can get any area of your Lexus or Mercedes-Benz vehicle examined by expert eyes. Before you schedule your service appointment at our Franklin facility, here are our spring service tips:

  • With all the winter debris your vehicle dealt with, we suggest a wash, waxing, and vacuum to restore the shiny, clean look and feel.
  • Speaking on dealing with winter debris, your wiper blades worked hard to clear ice, snow, and rain from your windshield, so be sure to inspect and replace them.
  • Your tires go through a lot during winter, which is why you should check your tire pressure given the temperature change affects your tire inflation.
  • Have an under-the-hood inspection to look at your engine coolant, battery, belts, and hoses to ensure that no post-wintertime damage is lurking.
  • Winter wreaks havoc on the roads causing many potholes to appear. If you've traveled over uneven surfaces, have your alignment and suspension checked.

Schedule your next round of maintenance online today to assist your Audi or BMW in transitioning out of the frigid temperatures into the warmth of spring. If some time has elapsed since you last serviced your Lexus, let a Global Motorsports service technician know, and we'll make sure you leave our Franklin service center completely taken care of regarding a thorough inspection. Welcome spring with a newly-serviced vehicle today.

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